elaborate service solutions for our partners


As a partner of hospitals we offer elaborate service solutions so that we can quickly and easily provide endoscopes, cameras and light guides.

  • One contact person for all questions regarding optics
  • Fast and uncomplicated settlement in the event of damage
  • 48 hours exchange service
  • 12 months warranty on repairs and exchange endoscopes
  • Servicing of endoscopes of any manufacturer including cross-system compatibility


Standard endoscope repairs
In the event of damage to our Aesculap endoscopes we recommend the repair exchange system which is based on the IQs-service concept. Also, we are glad to perform 1:1 repairs of endoscopes, particularly when it comes to other manufacturer.

IQs – Intelligent Quality Solution

Our successful classic concept, IQs – Intelligent Quality Solution offers you a 2- respectively 3-step-concept with fixed graduation of prices: Easy to understand and financially calculable.

Fixed price models

On request, we calculate a fixed price flat rate for the repair of your Aesculap endoscopes.

Full service contract
You require a full service contract, customized especially to your endoscope range with a flat rate price for all endoscopes and all degrees of damage? Your distributor will be glad to submit you a corresponding offer.

Service - budgeting
The technical service of Aesculap AG in Tuttlingen offers you different, customized budgeting models.

All camera systems are repaired here in Denzlingen. For the period of repair, we place at your disposal a system to bridge the repair time, if possible the same type of system.

Please send the recording systems, monitors and pumps directly to the technical service of Aesculap in Tuttlingen:

78532 Tuttlingen

At our service number  +49 7666 / 9321-0 you can contact us from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00. In case of a system drop out, we can place at your disposal a system to bridge the repair time.

If possible, please first contact the local B. Braun location in your country. The Einstein Vision systems outside of Germany are serviced by local subsidiaries.

Service philosophy 

Our quality understanding applies to the technical service as well. Consistent customer orientation and an efficient service are fundamental success factors. Thus, all endoscope exchanges and repairs are subject to the same quality standards as for new endoscopes.

The following legal requirements are applied for all of our repairs, repair replacement units and compatible replacement products:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485 for medical devices
  • Guideline 93/42/EWG of medical devices
  • Medical Devices Directive (MPG)
  • Medical Devices Directive – Safety Plan Directive (MPSV)
  • DIMDI Directive 
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for medical devices, issued by Food and Drug Administration, FDA, USA; part 820
  • Japan MHLW Ministerial Ordinance No. 169, 2004
  • Restriction of (the use of certain) hazardous substances directive 2002/95/EG (RoHS)
  • Registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals directive 2006/1907/EG (REACH)
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive 2002/96/EG (WEEE)
  • Packaging directive (VerpackV)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of electric and electronic products directive 2004/108/EG (EMV)
  • Directive 2006/95/EG for adjustment of legal rules of member states regarding electric operating facilities for use within certain threshold voltage (low potential voltage)
  • Battery directive – directive regarding bringing into circulation, taking back and disposal of batteries and rechargeable battery packs in accordance with environmental safety (BATTG)
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